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This journal addresses current issues in education. Past topics and instructions for submitting an article can be reviewed at Curriculum in Context Topics. 

Our Current Issue of Curriculum in Context:

Fall 2014


A Message from the Editor

A Message from the President

Making Sense of Chaos: The Importance of Teaching Internet Search Skills

Uses of Technology to Enhance Formative Assessment and Differential Instruction

MOOC: Crystal Ball for Predicting the Future of Technology in Education?

Access and Facilitation for Inspiring Passion and Desire to Learn

Breaking Boundaries with Technology

Come Learn at #WaEdChat

Tips for Improving Professional Development Around Technology

Executive Directions


Past Issues of Curriculum in Context are listed below:

Spring 2014


A Message from the Editor

A Message from the President

The Power of Family Engagement for English Language Learners

So What Makes Curriculum Different for Highly Capable Students?

Supporting Exceptional Learners: How Post-School Outcomes Inform Instruction

Dealing with Challenging Behavior: An Administrator's Guide to FBA and PBIP

Supporting English Language Learners with Literature Circles

Closing the Achievement Gap: Supporting Students through PLC-Based Reform

Differentiating for the Whole Class: Ten Principles for Effective Teaching

Supporting Oral Language Acquisition Using Visual Thinking Strategies

Reaching High Ability, Underperforming Students by Redesigning Highly Capable Education

Supporting the Needs of Highly Capable Learners: Developing a Continuum of Service

Making the Past Come to Life Again: So All Students Can Learn

A Message from the Executive Director


Fall 2013


A Message from the Editor

A Message from the President

If We Build them... Relationships as a Foundation for Engagement

Educate! Engage! Embrace! Evaluation!

Supporting Students with Problem Behaviors in Elementary Classroom Settings

Reflective Assessment: Providing Alternative Approaches to Student Voice

Raising Academic Achievement: Strategies for Success

Tackling Classroom Engagement

Are you Going to Eat That?

A Message from the Executive Director

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