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    Session Title: Educator Well-Being Simplified: Strategies for Less Stress and More Fulfillment

    Presenter: Lyndsay Morris | Generation Wellness
    Room #: Auditorium

    Session Description: 
    Feeling worn out, burned out, or checked out? Does the never-ending checklist of things to do have you feeling more like a human do-ing and less of a human be-ing? Education is the third most stressful career in America and we can no longer turn away from creating a culture where staff well-being is the foundation. More than ever, educators need tools to de-stress, release secondary trauma, and fill their cup regularly, so that they are able to give their best to students, staff, and families. In this uplifting and experiential keynote, participants will learn simple tools that cultivate personal well-being and encourage staff wellness. Say farewell to a one-size fits all wellness approach filled with traditional practices that don’t work and experience simple habits that have been proven to increase joy, decrease stress, and increase productivity.

  • Session Title: There is no "I" in SELFCARE